How to Triple your Young Living Conditioner

Okay let’s get real for just a hot second. You want to use all natural products but can’t justify the pricing?! I totally get it. So let me tell you a little secret. Many of YL’s products arrive in a concentrated form. What does that mean for you? Make it go further. Get more bang for your buck! Yep, that’s right! Here’s how to make one bottle of YL conditioner stretch to three bottles of conditioner.

If you are in desperate need to find a conditioner that actually works to getting you silky smooth hair without ANY comproise, then you have got to try YL conditioner. You won’t be disappointed. I have pretty thick hair, and I love how soft my hair is after a good washing.

As a wholesale member of Young Living Essential Oils, you can snag up yourself a bottle of conditioner for betweent $20.25-$23.25 depending on the scent that you choose. I personally love the lavender scent. I think it smells amazing! But you might like another favorite. It’s totally up to you.



  1. Remove 2/3 of the conditioner and store for later (Grab a bottle from target travel section!)
  2. With remaining conditioner, add warm/hot water. (Tap, distilled, filtered, whatever you desire)
  3. Mix by gently shaking until mixture is fully incorporated
  4. Use as directed!

Your welcome!

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