The Importance of Probiotics – What is all the talk about?


The Importance of Probiotics

There are many components that come together for the balance of our internal flora or balance and Probiotics is one of these things. Probiotics are described as good bacteria living in the body, primarily in the stomach that helps to keep the stomach natural balance for a healthy gut and better digestion. The body is filled with bacteria both good and bad and they all work together for optimal health but the imbalance of bad over good bacteria is not ideal. Good bacteria like that in Probiotics work well with the good bacteria that naturally lives in your gut to aid in better gastrointestinal health.

How does it work?

There are about 400 different types of bacteria living in the gut that work together to maintain a healthy balance in the gut. They are vital in the balance of the body on a whole and not just the gut but if the gut is out of whack then all other bodily functions get affected since all nutrients supplied to the body from the gut. The imbalance of the gut can cause other issues or help to cause discomfort like bloating, indigestion, extreme fatigue and infections. How Probiotics work is that when you lose good bacteria from taking antibiotics for example, Probiotics replaces the good bacteria to keep the balance in the gastrointestinal system and this keeps the body in balance to carry out its day to day functions.

Why are Probiotics important?

Probiotics are important because they are responsible for moving food through the digestive tract and the less of them you have the more food ‘sits on the stomach’ and cause indigestion. There are many in the body but foods like yogurt or chocolate that have added Probiotics help the natural good bacteria. Some perople need additional Probiotics because their natural ‘good-bad bacteria ratio’ is imbalanced and cause the development of illnesses or add to symptoms associated with other conditions like irritable bowel disease, infectious diarrhea among other problems.  Research has also shown where the introduction of Probiotics helps with illnesses or conditions that are not gut related like eczema, preventing colds and flu, promote urine functionality and feminine health.

Probiotics are important because of the vital role they play to give the body function balance especially those functions of the gastrointestinal system. The FDA has made approval for Probiotics to be added to some foods and while the consumption of these are ok for the most part, it is advised that you visit your doctor if you develop any unusual symptoms like bloating, gas or upset stomach for more than just the first couple of days after taking or eating foods containing Probiotics. It is still going through test phases as it relates to how it reacts to treating condition of the gastrointestinal tract like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Acid reflux as well as others. The use of Probiotics that was once unheard of is taking the forefront for many in the health and wellness conversations because of the value it brings to overall diet and healthy living and is a welcomed change to enhancing a healthy lifestyle.

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