8 Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is on the horizon and it can be a scary thing thinking of all the sugary treats our kids will soon consume.  Halloween can be a frenzy of sugary snacks served with a side of sugar.  That is fun and all, but the reality of it is we don’t want that to be the only thing they eat, and the only thing they look forward to about Halloween.  Check out these super cute and healthy Halloween treat ideas and get ready to make them for your little monster this Halloween!

Apple Mummies

apple mummies

These are a smart way to serve an apple! A little citrus juice should keep them from browning for a while, too.

Watermelon Monster

fruit monsterI can’t resist making this watermelon monster! Kids just love a carved watermelon, not to mention the yummy fruit, too! Maybe I would add some green fruits to make it extra icky looking.

Candy Cane Fruit Parfait

candy corn fruit parfait

This candy corn parfait looks so delicious! I can imagine my little ones wolfing this down.  This is an easy recipe you can make in plastic cups and bring to the kid’s school for a Halloween party.

Healthy Halloween Pasta Salad

healthy halloween past salad

My kids really like pasta salad, and this one looks good! The jack-o-lantern zucchini slices are pretty smart looking, too! I can also imagine this served up in little cups and topped with the funny face.

Boo-nana Pops

boonana pops

I just love this one! Frozen fruit is a great way to get kids to eat their fruits without any fuss. A quick dip into some yogurt and these boo-nana pops are a healthy spooky snack!

Mummy Mini Pizzas

mummy mini pizza

These would be a perfect after school snack/ pre trick-or-treating snack. I love how this idea takes something so ordinary and gives it a creative spin! My kids would really enjoy this.

Halloween Deviled Eggs

devilled egg halloween ideasHow cool are these deviled eggs?! I like each one for different reasons. They aren’t much more effort than the regular ones, but the look of them is so cool! So worth the trouble, in my opinion.  I will definitely be making some of these this Halloween!

 GoGo Squeeze Mummy Pouches


My kids enjoy these applesauce pouches already. Dress them up in gauze and funny faces and I think we have a big Halloween hit on our hands!

These spooky snacks are a great start for any Halloween gathering.  If you get invited to a potluck this year, consider bringing something healthy to the table! The other parents will surely appreciate it and the kids won’t miss the added sugar, that is for sure.

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